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Muzzle Shizzle

2010-07-08 13:37:08 by HoodyupStudious

Hey what is your fav Artist on Newgrounds? :)

So we are starting to work on our new and main project, an Art Platformer game,Somore like an interactive show. Roughly we are 4% done. Hope we can release it this month.
Here is a very first screenshot:

New Art Platformer Game WIP!!! ^_^

So we have a good news and a bad news for you guys, the bad news is we are canceling the Justin project. The good news is that we are working on a new game 'Untitled' yet, here is the concept art done by Mkemaster:

New Flash Game in Development!!!! ^_^

Yeah it is short, but the first Alpha for our newest Flash movie is out, here check it out:
Justin Bi-Bear-Y

Tell us what you think and cheers! ^_^

First Flash Alpha is Out!!!

So we (me XD) HoodyupStudious are planning to finish our first Flash movie in Newgrounds and hope to make you guys laugh and like what we do, our first Flash movie is still under developing.

So any of you guys hate Justin Be-a-bear? lol
Seriously, aren't you proud/jealous of him?

New Flash Studio, give us your opinion on Justin!

New Movie in Progress.

2010-06-26 03:38:58 by HoodyupStudious

So I'm starting to work on my new Movie after finishing the scripting and writing process, hope I can get it done this month, stay in touch for more updates.