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First Flash Alpha is Out!!!

2010-06-28 10:53:50 by HoodyupStudious

Yeah it is short, but the first Alpha for our newest Flash movie is out, here check it out:
Justin Bi-Bear-Y

Tell us what you think and cheers! ^_^

First Flash Alpha is Out!!!


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2010-06-28 12:34:42

its a good flash and i hate justin b.

HoodyupStudious responds:

Thanks! it is a flash that is against him XD I hate him too!


2010-06-29 13:49:59

hey dude if u hate just bieber then how come on that flash u made it says at the left addional music justin bieber - baby , buy ur promoting his music

HoodyupStudious responds:

I didn't mean to promote his ugly music lol, but I gotta give the fag a credit or I might deal with copyright weenie issues XD